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The Security Fabric Working Group (SFWG)

 Mission:    How to get involved:
The Security Fabric Working Group (SFWG) will coordinate, guide, and promote the use and evolution of end-to-end embedded systems security technology. SFWG will grow a community of practice formed by people engaged in the collective learning process focused on securing all critical infrastructure including- but not limited to- defense, power grid and oil and gas, telecommunications, and finance.

SFWG Chairs:

Norman Eaglestone is the Chief Systems Engineer for the Multi Agency Collaborative Environment (MACE) Fusion Center and is currently involved with researching and building advanced inference and cognitive

reasoning systems, employing Model Driven Development techniques for the Department of Defense. He is a founder of OMG’s Data Distribution Service (DDS) Working Group- a high-speed, low latency network infrastructure that is successfully implemented in over 25 navies worldwide, multiple DOD and commercial systems, the European aviation system, finance and healthcare. Mr. Eaglestone holds degrees in Light Current Engineering from the University of Johannesburg and Marine Navigation Officers from the South African Merchant Navy Academy.
Santa Clara Meeting!

SFWG meeting was on Tuesday, December 10th at 9am EST at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, CA.

The meeting outlined the need for critical infrastructure security and offered case studies illustrating how the Security Fabric Reference Architecture has been used. The meeting also introduced the Security Fabric Alliance (SFA) - a growing community of practicing professionals who are committed to achieving end-to-end security within the ecosystem of all critical infrastructures.

To view the minutes from SFWG's formative meeting, click here.

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